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Robert Dylina_Home_Loan_Specialist

Robert Dylina
Accounts Manager

Robert advises his clients on some of the most important financial decisions of their lives. A mortgage, either as a home or an investment, should be a very calculated and educated decision. Robert is known for his candor and depth of information, his client’s don’t leave the office with questions unanswered. The majority of Robert’s business is repeat clients which is a testament to his dedication to their best interests.


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Marina Rodriguez_Mortgage_Loans

Marina Rodriguez
Accounts Manager

Marina has worked in the mortgage industry since her graduation from California State University Sacramento in 2014. She handles much of the scheduling and document collection that makes Envoy Mortgage of California run on a day to day basis. She works primarily out of the Merced office and is known for making customers feel welcome and at ease and coordinating communications to ensure a smooth transaction. When she is not at work she spends her time with her family and husband Chris. She also enjoys the gym, traveling, watching movies, and trying new foods/restaurants.

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Mortgage Lenders Wanted!

A few of the things you can expect when working at Envoy Mortgage.

Huge Earning Potential

The average pay for a Loan Officer starting off in California is $54,357 per year. As you season in the Mortgage Lending field you can expect to see that number raise to an average of $105,754 or higher per year!

Envoy Mortgage Gives Back!

Sell Envoy $15M – $60+M in loans in a calendar year, and Envoy Mortgage will award a Charity of your choice with a donation on your behalf up to $30,000!

Flexible Schedule

A flexible schedule allows you to work hours that differ from a normal company start and stop time. We don’t expect you to work 8 a.m.-5 p.m. or 9 a.m.-6 p.m. and total a 40 hour work week. We expect you to take care of your clients on their schedule and yours!

Build a Career…Don’t just get a Job

You can get a job and go to work and earn a paycheck. Or start a career as a California Mortgage Loan Specialist with Envoy Mortgage of California. A career in the Mortgage Lending Industry is both financially and emotionally fulfilling.

Envoy Mortgage - Merced, Ca Office

Current Employment Opportunities

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